Saturday, January 10, 2009

Interview Questions - Part 8

Interview Questions

76. What is the life time of the data stored in viewstate?
a ) Data stored in viewstate exists for the life of the current page.

77. Can a masterpage contain multiple content areas?
a ) Yes

78. What does the merge method of dataset do?
a ) It merges the dataset with another dataset.

79. What is the maximum length of the char datatype?
a ) Char – max of 8000 characters

80. What is the method used to kill a session explicitly?
a ) Session.abandon method.

81. What is the extension of the resource files?
a ) .resx

82. What is the attribute used to apply theme to a specific page?
a ) That is ‘Theme’ attribute.

83. How many types of configuration files are there?
a ) 2 types
Machine.config: This is a server or machine wide configuration file
Web.config : This is a application configuration file.

84. What are the advantages of web.config file?
a )
1. This contains application specific configuration settings whichis same for all the pages in that application.
2. This is xml file which is easily readble and understandable.
3. This applies changes to the application with out need for the administrator to stop and start the webserver.
4. It provides more security as data is encrypted.

85. Is it possible for an application to have more than one web.config file?
a ) Yes. An application can support more than one web.config file.


Jeanine M. said...

Wow, way over my head. I guess I need to brush up on my ASP.

Sriram said...

Thanx mate for visiting my blog.. keep in touch.. Me too studyin my but there are many questions which are beyond me.. gr8 useful work dude...

Arjun.U said...

yeah, me too with jeanine. nice site buddy.

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