Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Interview Questions - Part 10

Interview Questions

96. What is a TreeView Server control ?
a ) This is a site navigation control. It displays the data in hierarchical order. Generally is is used to display Menu items for an application. It contains a number of prebuilt styles.

97. What are the differences between viewstate and hidden fields?
a ) Viewstate :
1. This is used for pages that will postback to itself
2. This is a built in structure for maintaining state of a page
3. Security is more as data is hashed, compressed and encoded.
Hiddenfield :
1. This is used for pages that will postback to itself or to another page
2. This is not an inbuilt structure
3. Security is less when compared to viewstate

98. Examples of Navigation controls?
a ) They are
1. TreeView Control
2. Menu
3. SiteMapPath

99. What is the namespace used for web page
a ) System.Web.UI.Page

100. What is the use of IsPostBack method?
a ) This method is to determine whether request is new request or postback request.

101. What are the advantages of DataGrid Control?
a )
1. Inbuilt support for paging and sorting
2. Inbuilt support for user selection and editing
3. Contains its default display


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