Sunday, December 7, 2008

Differences between Asp and

1. Asp supports interpreted model
2. In asp you must place all directives on the first line of a page with in the same delimiting block
3. Asp uses only 2 scripting languages vb script and java script
4. Asp has no inbuilt facility for Validation of controls. Developer has to write code for both client side and server side validation

1. supports compiled model
2. In you can place directives at any place in .aspx file . But standard practice is to place them at the begining of the file
3. is not constrained to 2 languages. we can use any .net complaint languages like c# etc
4. inbuilt facility for validation of controls. There are a set of validation controls which are easy to implement.


Mike said...

Ok that's helpful to know, I never knew what the difference was between ASP and great infi!

Mr. I said...

That's helpful! I did not know a .net can make so much difference!

Kadmiel said...

I never knew that was so intricate. I think i might be able to apply some of those principals to my vb script wonder if they would play nice together